Suzanne Hendrix, PhD

Suzanne Hendrix, PhD


Drug Development | Regulatory & Clinical Strategies

Along with her appointment as Senior Advisor for Propel Bio Partners, Suzanne Hendrix is CEO of Pentara Corporation, a boutique CRO in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA specializing in statistics and data management in neurodegenerative diseases. Under her leadership, Pentara has supported the study design, data collection, and analysis of over 50 clinical trials since 2008.

Ms. Hendrix has more than 30 years of clinical trials experience with time spent at CROs and pharmaceutical companies, including projects across many disease areas including respiratory, oncology, reproductive, and cardiovascular. She has been instrumental in analysis and reporting for multiple regulatory submissions including NDAs, PLAs, and ISS/ISE documents.

Ms. Hendrix has first authored or co-authored over 150 peer-reviewed publications related to both clinical trial results and statistical approaches for clinical trials, most of which relate to analysis and design of trials for neurodegenerative diseases. She has extensive experience in optimally measuring progression over time and identifying outcomes that are likely to be sensitive to effects due to treatments that modify important aspects of the disease.

Ms. Hendrix received her PhD from Boston University working with Ralph D’Agostino, a well-respected statistical consultant for the FDA, editor of Statistics in Medicine and Fellow of the American Statistical Association.

She has recently been involved with the World Health Organization in a collaboration to develop an intrinsic capacity score to measure the maintenance of health at older ages.