Neuroscience | Biopharmaceutical Executive | New Product Commercialization | Marketing

A Senior Advisor on the Medical and Investment Advisory Board, Mike Gibbs has a long history of executive leadership with deep experience in commercializing new products within the biopharmaceuticals sector. He is recognized as a brand troubleshooter and catalyst for creating innovative development and commercialization strategies across product life cycles.

He is currently Managing Partner and Principal Consultant for Eyecatcher BioPharma, a product development and commercialization consulting company. There, he uncovers critical insights to ensure clinical studies demonstrate meaningful differentiation and value and that phase 3 programs are optimally designed for successful commercialization. Specifically, he ensures that programs guide cross-functional development and commercial teams all along the patient journey, building in critical insights from healthcare professionals and payors along the way. His clients have included senior leadership teams of several biotech companies, including Athira Pharma, Neumora, Nabriva Therapeutics, Alairion Inc., and Ondosis.

Mr. Gibbs is the recipient of several leadership awards, including a Senior Executive Team Award for his work in delivering pre-launch education and awareness programs for a major launch brand and a CEO Award for his work in structuring a major pharma collaboration in the Alzheimer’s disease space.

Mr. Gibbs has held US and global leadership roles at leading biopharmaceutical companies, including Sanofi, formerly Aventis, and AstraZeneca (AZ) where he served as Vice President of Global Marketing. During his tenure at AZ, he led infection and neuroscience therapeutic areas within Global Marketing and held P&L responsibility for a $1.5 billion US oncology franchise. He gained extensive partnering experience and success working with both biotech and peer pharma, securing over $350 million in licensing investments and building a portfolio with a projected annual revenue of more than $5 billion.

Born in London, Mike earned a BSc in biochemistry from the University of Sheffield, UK, and a postgraduate diploma in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, also in the UK.